December 14, 2016


In today’s extremely competitive network business market, network has its one vitality and so, regular monitoring of it performance is too important to sustain a leading competitive edge in the market by assuring customer satisfaction. But now days it is imperative for an operator to continuously monitor the network performance and quality of service.

With extensive experience in the industry and being a  pioneer, IGWET provides a complete measure of your network to help you deliver best-in-class quality at any stage of your network life cycle. From the planning and development phase of a new environment, through implementation and on-going operation of your network, our Audit Service drives increased return on investment and improved user experience and productivity.

IGWET network audit service benefits the customer as followed;

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  •         Improve network performance and availability.
  •         Increase end-users’ productivity and satisfaction.
  •         Reduce network outages.
  •         Optimize your IT investment.
  •         Plan your future more effectively.
  •         Reduce costly errors in your network configuration.
  •         Increased security and reduced liability.